Father’s worst nightmare

Mohammad Fouzi, 25 is suffering from langerhans since 2014. He is getting treatment from a local hospital in Gurgaon. He studied engineering at Maahadul Naft in Bagdad, Iraq and graduated in September 2013. After completion he wanted to take job in a local company, but before that the symptoms of the disease appeared.


“After lot of struggle and troubles, I have graduated and if you want to say congratulations, it will be great. And if you do not, it is ok.”


Here is his story of hope and despair through his Facebook posts :

His condition does not improve with the treatment in Iraq, he travels with his father to Jordan for the treatment.


After twenty days, they return. His condition improves.


They travel to Beirut, Lebanon, as his condition deteriorates again.



His father, Fawzi Adluaimi, is accompanying him for treatment in India:




After spending USD 55,000 at American University Hospital in  Beirut, they travel to India. Here they also face the same problem, everything is costly. They have spent USD 40,000 till April 10th.

Mohammad Fawzi is still receiving treatment, but his condition keeps turning painful day by day. He is back to his home.


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