Driven by a surplus of expert healthcare practitioners, surging economy, high quality treatment within affordable costs, infrastructural edge and a thriving global outsourcing industry of customer service, India is emerging as one of the leading destinations for global medical tourism.

One of the major factors of India’s speedy success in the sector is that unlike its foreign counterparts, India doesn’t import expertise. While most of the international medical tourism destinations boast of recruiting foreign practitioners and physicians, India produces them internally. According to a study conducted by Pew Research Centre, at the end of 2015, some 35,000 Indian specialists were practising in the US and more than one in six US surgeons were of Indian descent.

Trends that help medical tourists to choose a destination for treatment. Source: International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ)


According to the October 2015 Grant Thornton report by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Bangladeshis and Afghans accounted for the maximum share of foreign patients (34%), the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) made a 30% share while other major sources of medical tourists included those from Middle East and Africa.
The reports add that the healthcare sector in India is worth US$ 3 billion (approx) with an annual number of 250,000 international patients coming for treatment in the country.




Joint Commission International (JCI) is an international standard in global healthcare with a team of global experts in medicine and service providing that set practical, patient-centric regulations for accrediting international healthcare bodies.

According to PillBot for Patient Information records, there were 27 JCI-accredited hospitals in India in May 2016.

They are:



At the end of 2015, India had more than 21 internationally accredited gfwhich ius working ccredited hospitals, those certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI). Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore are the leading hubs of medical tourism in India.

Private hospitals like Apollo, Columbia Asia, Fortis, Max Healthcare, Medanta are some of the most well known chains spread across India. Leading surgeries include cardiology and heart surgery, dentistry, fertility and reproductive medicine, health screening, neurology and spine surgery, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, transplant, weight loss surgery, wellness and prevention.